Calendar Sharing

1. Go to Here you can view your current calendar and any shared calendars you have selected.

Your Calendar Home Page


2. Click Create Event. Here you can add an event to your calendar.

Create an Event


3. When finished click Save and the event will be posted to your calendar.

Save your event


4. You can also click on a date or time to add an event.

Click a date or time to add an event


5. Enter a name for the event. To indicate an all day event don't include a time.

6. You can also use the quick add button to add an event. Click the drop down arrow next to create and enter the event name, time, and date. An Event with no time will be marked as an all day event.

7. To share your calendar click the arrow next to the calendar you would like to share. Click Share this Calendar.

Share your calendar


8. In the Share this Calendar menu you can add the users you would like to share your calendar with. Enter a user’s e-mail address and then select what rights they have for viewing your calendar.


9. You can also allow other users to make changes to events on your calendar. Once you’re finished adding users to your calendar click Save. At any time you can come back to this screen and remove or add users as needed.

Allow other users to add events to your calendar


10. To add a calendar someone is sharing with you click Add and select Add a friends Calendar.

Add a friend's calendar


11. Enter the e-mail address of the user who has shared their calendar with you and click Add.