What is experiential learning?

Experiential LearningExperiential learning is what it sounds like: learning through experience or learning through doing. Experiential learning emphasizes hands-on learning and engaged teaching methods. It often includes learning that takes place outside the traditional classroom.

Why is experiential learning important?

Experiential learning has long been a part of the liberal arts education offered at Virginia Wesleyan University. This approach to learning emphasizes learning for life, rather than merely for a test or a grade. When tied to the liberal arts, experiential learning helps students to become problem-solvers and engaged citizens who transform the world they inhabit.

Experiential learning also helps students to develop essential skills that are in high demand in the fast-paced global economy and communications culture. These skills include the ability to collaborate with others, to be open to others’ perspectives, to solve complex problems, and to communicate effectively.

In short, experiential learning  prepares students for meaningful intellectual, personal, professional, and civic lives.