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We have a growing group of smart, creative classics majors and students here at VWU, and have Classics and Latin clubs which offer a range of fun activities: College Night at the Chrysler Museum, trips to the movies to see The Eagle and the new Clash of the Titans, sojourns to Charlottesville, Williamsburg, and Downtown Norfolk to look for echoes of classical architecture close to home for a Winter Session class on Classical Virginia, a winter session to Italy (Rome and Pompeii), and a team-taught upcoming Summer Session class in Oxford, England, thanks to our friend Terry Lindvall in Communication and Religious Studies. In addition to our already-active clubs, we just obtained a chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the official national Honor Society for Classics. To meet some of our friends and students, visit our facebook page; feel free to friend us if you are thinking about coming to VWU as a student, or if you are a member of the community with an interest in learning about our upcoming talks and events.

Christine Dawe '12

With an unwavering desire to succeed and help from the University’s counseling office, the VWU Classical studies graduate overcame her anxieties and is now preparing to begin an archaeology master’s program at the College of William & Mary.
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