Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and environmental sciences is a multi-disciplinary field that addresses the interactions between humans and the environment. Study in this field includes both an understanding of the basic principles that govern geological, biological, and chemical interactions as well as the applied context of developing solutions to current environmental problems. The earth and environmental sciences curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in both earth science and environmental science as well as supporting coursework in chemistry, biology and physics. The B.A. program is designed to provide a broad background in the fundamentals of Earth Science for students who intend to have careers in secondary education, business, law, other areas, or double major. The B.S. program is intended for students who plan to pursue a graduate degree in earth or environmental sciences and has additional mathematics requirements.

Those seeking secondary certification in Earth science must take EES 210 and either PHYS 141 or 142. Recommended elective courses: MBE 201, PHIL 304, POLS 323.

Major(s): B.A. Earth and Environmental Sciences, B.S. Earth and Environmental Sciences
Minor(s): Earth and Environmental Sciences, Marine Science

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