Preservice Teaching

Preservice teaching is the culminating experience in all teacher education programs at Virginia Wesleyan University. These programs include content courses, professional education courses, and several early field experiences. Preservice teaching is often regarded as both the most challenging and most enjoyable experience in the teacher preparation programs. During this experience the student is encouraged to apply all of the theories, content knowledge, and teaching methods that have been studied in the college classroom.

Many people participate in the preservice teaching experience. This handbook is designed for all of the participants in the preservice teaching experience and should serve as a guide for the preservice teacher, the college supervisor, and the classroom cooperating teacher. All of the participants collaborate to ensure the successful completion of the preservice teaching experience.

Preservice Teaching - A Definition

Preservice teaching is a period of guided, supervised teaching. The college student is gradually introduced into the teaching role for a particular class by a mentor or cooperating teacher. The cooperating teacher works with and encourages the preservice teacher to assume greater responsibility in classroom management and instruction as the experience progresses. The preservice teacher begins as an observer and finishes the preservice teaching experience as a competent professional.

Goals and Objectives for Preservice Teaching

Preservice teaching is an essential experience in the professional education program.

Although other college courses, activities, and practica contribute knowledge and experience to the prospective teacher, preservice teaching provides the opportunity to experience the demanding and rewarding task of assuming major teaching responsibilities.

The preservice teaching experience is designed to provide a controlled learning situation in which the prospective teacher can put into practice the principles and methods learned in the Virginia Wesleyan University Teacher Education Program. The ultimate goal is for the preservice teacher to achieve competency in entry level skills in the teaching profession.