Questions and Answers

What are Field Experiences?

Field Experiences the term used to describe the time that a student spend working in the field. Placements are arranged through the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences. During this time students are able to observe and participate in an educational setting. This is the beginning of the networking process.

When do I interview for a position?

Local school systems come to Virginia Wesleyan's campus to conduct interviews in the fall and spring of each school year. At this time they will interview any student that is currently student teaching. It is very important that students take advantage of this opportunity. More information can be provided about this through the career services department on campus.

What is the student teaching experience?

The student teaching experience lasts for a full semester. During this time the student moves from observer to teacher. At the end of each experience, the preservice teacher should be in complete charge of the classroom teaching all lessons and handling all classroom management. The preservice teacher is required to write lesson plans, grade papers, record grades, collect and analyze assessment data. At the end of the semester the successful preservice teacher is ready to manage a classroom of his/her own. Preservice teaching is a full time job. It is recommended that student teachers not hold jobs during this semester.

How is student teaching graded?

Virginia Wesleyan University requires two placements in the student teaching experience and in each placement the student is given a letter grade. The grade is based on the evaluations from the college supervisor, cooperating teacher, the school administrator, and the college seminar instructor.