Choral/Vocal Music at VWU

Choral Music

Choral/Vocal Music at VWUWesleyan Singers

The largest choir on campus, Wesleyan Singers is open to all students, and is comprised of students from a variety of disciplines. The choir performs  a wide variety of music and styles including all style periods and genres from the great choral masterworks to ground breaking new choral compositions. Students learn the fundamentals of vocal technique and music reading in a fast paced, fun environment. No previous musical experience is needed to join this group. If you bring a desire to sing, an attitude of willingness, and your passion for life, and we will give you the everything else you need to be successful. All students participate in a vocal interview that is NOT an audition. It is exploratory process that allows a student to meet with the director, assess where they are, and where they might like to go.

Virginia Wesleyan Chorale


Chorale provides students with the opportunity to explore music making in a chamber ensemble setting. An additional level of personal responsibility, as well as a willingness to prepare music outside of the class time is necessary for all members of the Chorale. An audition is required.

To schedule an interview or audition, contact the Director of Choirs, Dr. Mortensen, or sign up below. Auditions for the school year will take place on the Saturday prior to the start of class and the first Monday of class.

  • February 6, 2016
  • March 5, 2016
    (Links to digital submissions can be sent to and must be received by March 5)

In order to hear your voice best, be prepared for the following in the interview or audition:

  1. Sing a familiar tune for me (My Country Tis of Thee, Hymn, or Folksong of your choice) - this is so that I can hear your voice naturally in a song
  2. Sing various warm-ups and vocal exercises to test your range

REMEMBER this interview is just so that I can see where you are and how I can help you to be the best singers you can be.

If you are interested in joining the Virginia Wesleyan Chorale, the audition will be a little bit more involved. To audition for the Chorale, be prepared to do the following: 

  1. Prepare a jazz standard (options and recordings available on the Chorale Page (
  2. OPTIONAL: Experiment with improvisation on a second go-round of the standard (anything from basic variation to full on scat is acceptable)
  3. Sing warm-ups and vocal exercises to test your range
  4. Rhythmic and Melodic Sight Singing
  5. Aural Recall (Sing back short melodies that I play for you on the piano)

Vocal Music

Choral/Vocal Music at VWU

Private Study

Private applied music study is offered to students enrolled in the University regardless of previous musical background or major interest. A serious commitment to learning about classical music literature and the technique required to perform such literature is required

Class Voice

Students study basic vocal techniques to develop the voice for solo and choral use. Students will learn the fundamentals of posture, breath, phonation, and control. No previous experience is required. To be taken as an introduction to singing or as a complement to other musical study on campus.

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