Major in Music

Choral/Vocal Music at VWU

The Music Department at Virginia Wesleyan University offers students an opportunity to explore, practice, and celebrate the musician's art in a program that unites artistic standards with the academic breadth of the liberal arts in an atmosphere of free, creative, and critical inquiry.

Music is a unique expressive language, a special way of knowing as essential to basic education as the mastery of verbal and numerical skills. The study of this language provides individuals with personal fulfillment, enhances and complements everyday life, and creates a window through which the viewer can discover and experience aesthetic beauty. The music department at Virginia Wesleyan provides a program of study that educates its learners in a way that enables them to appreciate as well as critically articulate their responses to this important part of our culture. Virginia Wesleyan offers majors in applied music and music in the liberal arts. The department also offers courses for the non-musician, the Virginia Wesleyan University Concert Series, and a non-credit certificate program through the Center for Sacred Music, which includes an annual summer conference.

The curriculum can help prepare students for careers in private teaching, public school teaching, church music, music merchandising, arts management, music librarianship, or graduate studies in music or humanities.

An audition is required to major in music.

Major(s): Music with applied music track, Music in the Liberal Arts track.

Minor(s): Music

Certificate: Church Music Certificate