Course Descriptions

HE EL1 Elective (0.1-10)

HE EL2 Elective (0.1-10)

REC 101 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Services (4) (S)

Designed for all students who desire to explore the varied professions of recreation/leisure services as a possible career goal or for personal growth and development. Recreation and leisure in historical development and today's contemporary society and leisure education are the major areas of concentration. Includes a practicum in which students investigate local recreation/leisure agencies. Prerequisite: freshmen/sophomores status; juniors/seniors by consent. Offered each semester.

REC 204 Leadership I: Leadership and Analysis of Recreation (4)

Explores leadership theory and the process of activity analysis. Students develop their personal leadership skills by observing, evaluating and practicing leadership styles. They also learn and practice the activity analysis process through the planning, implementation and evaluation of goal-oriented activities for diverse segments of the population. Includes a significant practical component during nontraditional class hours when students lead activities for peers and community agencies. Fee. Offered each semester.

REC 206 Management of Recreation and Leisure Services I (4)

An introduction to the principles of managing leisure service agencies. Students investigate the role of the manager by applying underlying management and legal theory to the operation of existing leisure service agencies. Prerequisite: REC 101. Offered each fall.

REC 212 Introduction to Recreational Therapy (4)

Provides an overview of the profession of recreational therapy, including the philosophy, practice, procedures, and foundation of services for individuals with disabilities. Students develop an understanding of professional preparation, service settings, and consumer groups that utilize recreational therapy services. Fieldwork required. Prerequisite: Freshmen/sophomore only; junior/senior by consent. Offered each semester.

REC 305 Teaching Assistant (1)

Provides recreation/leisure service majors or other students who qualify the opportunity, under supervision, to organize and lead recreation, physical education activity courses, and selected introductory content courses (REC 101, 200, 201, 204, 205). Students are required to prepare lesson plans. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: REC 204, 323, or prior teaching experience. Students must be interviewed and accepted by the course instructor. Offered each semester.

REC 308 Historical, Cultural, and Professional Dimensions of Recreation and Leisure (4) (W)

Provides students with knowledge of the history, philosophy, development, purposes, values, and interrelationships of recreation delivery systems from both the private and public sectors. Focuses on the professional dimensions of recreation and leisure as they relate to diverse cultures served in contemporary practice. Prerequisites: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher and junior/senior status. Offered each fall.

REC 309 Internship Preparation in Recreation and Leisure Studies (2)

Provides guidance and direction in all phases of internship procurement for students majoring in recreation and leisure studies and enrolling in REC 409 the following semester. Emphasizes each student's self-assessment, documentation of personal/professional goals, strengths, and areas for improvement in relation to the agency's attributes and compatibility with the student's goals. Graded pass/fail. Prerequisite: senior and eligible to complete REC 409 the following semester. Offered each semester.

REC 310 Disabilities and Recreational Therapy (4)

Introduces students to the various disabling conditions that typically receive recreational therapy services. Explores, adaptive, corrective and progressive recreational therapy techniques for a variety of disabling conditions. Emphasizes treatment interventions and leisure skills as they relate to specific disorders and habilitative or rehabilitative goals.

REC 311 Recreational Therapy Process (4) (W)

Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to organize, conduct, and evaluate recreational therapy programs in health care agencies. Requires students to develop a written plan of operation for an agency providing recreational therapy services. Field experience is required. Prerequisite: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher. Offered each fall.

REC 313 Recreational Therapy Management and Organization (4)

Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to organize, conduct, and evaluate recreational therapy programs in healthcare agencies. Students develop a written plan of operation for an agency providing recreational therapy services. Field experience is required. Prerequisite: REC 212. Offered each fall.

REC 314 Recreational Therapy Analysis and Assessment (4)

Provides the rationale, procedural methods for, and applications of assessment in recreational therapy. Students examine and use standardized instruments and develop a functional assessment based on the use of activity/task analysis. They learn methods of clinical assessment, establishing client rapport, and interpretation and documentation of assessment results. Prerequisite: REC 212. Offered spring of even-numbered years.

REC 316 Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Recreational Therapy (4)

Prepares students in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of recreational therapy services. Includes the selection of appropriate treatment techniques and clinical skills to be used with various client populations, intervention strategies, and methods of evaluating client and program outcomes. Prerequisite: REC 212.

REC 336 Commercial Recreation (4)

Analyzes the principles of organizing commercial recreation agencies and the factors affecting their success. Emphasizes field evaluation and case studies of specific agencies currently in operation. Offered spring of odd-numbered years.

REC 340 Recreation Program Principles (4) (W)

Provides students with an understanding of recreation program practices, including planning objectives, programming principles, organization, group work, promotion supervision, and program evaluation. In addition to the study of programming theory, students plan, organize, and evaluate a variety of recreation programs. Suggested prerequisites: REC 101 and 204. Prerequisite: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher. Offered each fall.

REC 341 Management of Recreation and Leisure Services II (4)

Students develop an understanding of administrative practices including legal aspects of recreation services, principles of planning and operation of recreation areas and facilities, financial and business procedures, public relations, principles of organization and coordination of services, personnel practices, and evaluation. Provides a foundation on which future depth of administrative competency can build. Offered each spring.

REC 342 Junior Internship in Recreation and Leisure Studies (4) (W)

Offers the opportunity to investigate the leadership, programming, operation, and management of leisure service agencies while gaining paid or volunteer experience. Through a comprehensive focus on individual areas of administration, the course is tailored to the individual needs of the student and agency to maximize experience and reflection. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher and REC 204 or consent. Offered each semester and summer.

REC 343 Administration of Campus Recreation (4)

Covers the planning, organization, administration, and evaluation of recreational sports programs in colleges and universities. Emphasizes practical experiences designed to acquaint the student with contemporary administration practices in the field. Offered fall of even-numbered years.

REC 344 Introduction to Sport and Facility Management (4)

Provides students majoring in recreation and leisure studies with an extensive knowledge of effective management in a variety of sports settings. Covers specific skills needed to plan and maintain recreation facilities. Private and public schools and sport club environments are explored. Prerequisite: REC 101. Offered each spring.

REC 345 Ropes Course and Group Facilitation Methods (4)

Prepares students to become ropes course leaders and facilitate the ability of groups to better achieve their goals. Through coverage of the factors connected to initial group processes, conflict, goal deliberation, and the role of the facilitator, the course provides hands-on activities, enabling the student to experience the responsibilities needed to become a useful group facilitator. Lab fee. Offered each fall.

REC 346 Travel and Tourism (4)

Introduces the principles of travel and tourism as an element of leisure service delivery. Covers tourism development and promotion from both the public and private sectors. Students investigate various socioeconomic factors of travel and tourism and visit various travel and tourism agencies. Offered each fall.

REC 347 Outdoor Recreation and Education (4)

A series of experiences, discussions and readings of current issues and practices as they apply to outdoor recreation and educaton. Students plan, prepare, and implement an overnight backcountry experience. This class requires an overnight field experience that is beyond regularly scheduled class meetings. Offered spring and intermittent winter or summer. Prerequisite: consent required for summer and Winter Session registration. Course fee varies by term.

REC 348 Maui to Moguls: The Impact of Adventure Travel on Culture and the Environment (4)

Examines the impact of adventure travel on culture and the environment. Students travel to two diverse locations, a ski area and the island of Maui, to learn how activities as diverse as skiing, snowboarding, snorkeling, hiking, windsurfing, and biking affect local culture, the economy, and preservation of the environment. Classroom work prepares the group for travel experiences. Offered in selected Winter Sessions.

REC 349 Leadership II: Instructional Techniques (4)

Students learn the successful leadership and teaching styles associated with the instruction of outdoor recreation and athletic activities. They practice a variety of leadership approaches and group process techniques, behavior management, and teaching styles. Prerequisite: REC 204. Offered intermittently in spring.

REC 408 Seminar in Recreation and Leisure Studies (4) (I,W)

Exploration and discussion of current trends and innovations in recreation/leisure studies as identified by students. Students determine course content in collaboration with the instructor. One scheduled topic is leisure education. Prerequisites: Successful completion of ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher, senior recreation and leisure studies major and consent. Lab fee required. Corequisite: REC 409. Offered each spring.

REC 409 Senior Internship in Recreation and Leisure Studies (12)

Field placement in an approved recreation or therapeutic recreation setting. Students intern under a trained recreation professional and participates in all phases of agency operation. Prerequisite: REC 309. Corequisite: REC 408. Offered each spring and in summer on request.

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