Am I a good candiate?

While demonstrated academic ability is an important selection criteria, we are looking for students who have more to offer than good SAT scores. In fact, evidence of motivation, character, and interest in teamwork will matter equally in our choices.

  • Students who are already active in community service, who are involved with businesses or other community organizations, who are adventurous, who have an interest in social issues and problems, or who show some evidence of leadership and initiative are likely to benefit most from PORTfolio.
  • We also want PORTfolio students to represent the full diversity of our State's and region's population. This past year's class represented nine different states! Therefore, we are looking for students from a wide range of socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

A selective program, PORTfolio seeks incoming freshmen who have outstanding credentials in one or more of the following areas:

  • Intellectual skills include SAT scores, decent grades, but also evidence of critical thinking, problem-solving, learning how to learn.
  • Social skills include evidence of the ability to work with other people cooperatively in a variety of settings; intracultural understanding, international experience, along with the more traditional notions of community service and leadership.
  • Presentational skills would include oral and written communication skills as well as an ability to represent oneself (and the college) in a clear, persuasive, and articulate manner.
  • Practical skills would include activity in the arts, athletics, work experience, possibly community service and leadership, but also 'pioneering' experience: successful response to new challenges.

Since enrollment in PORTfolio is limited to 45 incoming freshmen students, competition for these places will be keen.