For Faculty

Prof. Terry Lindvall with students in Oxford, UK, 2014The Lighthouse is here to help faculty offer experiential learning opportunities to students. We provide the following:

Faculty & the QEP

The Lighthouse welcomes faculty input into the development of the QEP and The Lighthouse's programs!

Please consider joining one our committees or task forces. These groups are charged with developing programs and policies related to the QEP.

Faculty/Staff Task Forces & Committees

  1. Undergraduate Research Committee
  2. Port Day Development Committee
  3. SHIPP Development Committee (Summer High Impact Practice Program)
  4. Internship Task Force
  5. Short-Term Study Away Task Force

For more information, please contact Sara Sewell at 757.455.3237 or

Comments? Suggestions?

The Lighthouse welcomes your input. Please gives us feedback using our Electronic Comment Box.

On Deck Funding Requests

The Lighthouse offers funds to support special events and speakers related to experiential learning and student engagement. To request On Deck funds, submit this form.

In most cases, the maximum amount per request is $500; however, we will consider special requests for additional funding.

Funding preference will be given to events that meet the following:

  1. Take place on campus.
  2. Include at least one event that is open to the entire campus community.
  3. If appropriate, include one event that takes place during Virginia Wesleyan's On Deck Common Hour (Thursdays, 11:00 am until 12:30 pm).  (The Lighthouse will help to coordinate the schedule to avoid competing events.)
  4. Are integrated into courses.
  5. Application form is submitted 30 days in advance, 60 days in advance if airfare is requested.
  6. In most cases, honorariums may not exceed $250 for a local/regional speaker and $500 for a speaker with a national reputation who has to travel considerable distance.
  7. If the request exceeds $350, preference will be given to requests that include multiple events.

If you have any questions regarding On Deck event funding and scheduling, please contact the Lighthouse's Executive Director, Sara Sewell at 757.455.3237 or

Transportation Requests

The Lighthouse offers funds to assist faculty with transporting students to off-campus events. Submit this form to request funds.

Funding preference will be given to requests that meet the following:

  1. Requests to transport up to 15 people should be submitted at least 21 days in advance.
  2. Requests to transport 15 people or more should be submitted at least 30 days in advance.
  3. Requests for passengers with accessibility needs are asked to contact the Lighthouse’s Deputy Director, Ms. Amy Rush at 757.455.3401 or
If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact the Lighthouse’s Deputy Director, Ms. Amy Rush at 757.455.3401 or

Study Away Course Development Grant Form

The Lighthouse offers faculty grants to develop or revamp study away courses. Funded by Virginia Wesleyan University’s Quality Enhancement Plan, the grants are for faculty to develop new domestic or international study away courses. 

The application is located here. It is due on January 16, 2017. The travel must be completed by June 30, 2017.

Priority will be given to courses that are offered at the lower level and expand the range of locations offered to Virginia Wesleyan students. Recipients are expected to offer the study away courses during the 2017-18 or the 2018-19 academic year.

The grant covers air travel, ground transportation, lodging, a $25 per diem, and tickets to venues students might visit as part of the course. The cap for domestic courses is 5 days and $2,000. The cap for international courses is 10 days and $3,000.

Course Enhancement Funds

Faculty seeking funding for programs that do not include transportation or are not open to the entire campus community, should request Course Enhancement Funds, which are administered by the Associate Dean of INTEL, Denise Wilkinson. Course Enhancement Form.

Experiential Learning Conference Grants

The Lighthouse has limited funds to support faculty to attend conferences related to VWU's experiential learning initiatives. Please use the form below to make a request. Priority will be given to faculty who present a paper or poster at the conference. Priority will also be given to requests submitted early in the fiscal year.

All faculty who receive an Experiential Learning Conference Grant are required to give a presentation to colleagues on the conference.

Experiential Learning Conference Grant Form

Flyer & Poster Policy

The Lighthouse will hang up your flyers and posters! Simply drop them off at our office at least 10 days in advance of the event, and we will post them. We are unfortunately not in a position at this time to design or print your posters.