New Students and Future Marlins

Experience a College Where the Focus is on You.

At Virginia Wesleyan, you are more than a number.


The top five reasons why YOU should study at Virginia Wesleyan.

  1. The focus is on you! You'll receive personal attention from top faculty scholars who care about you and your success.
  2. Our location is your advantage when it comes to internships and externships that enhance your academic experience and professional development.
  3. You'll work one-on-one with a faculty mentor on undergraduate research.
  4. You'll have the chance to study abroad through short-term or long-term trips.
  5. You're investing in your future, providing a step up to a productive and fulfilling life.

Virginia Wesleyan prepares YOU for a lifetime of learning.


You are a friend, student, teacher and teammate. You are valued, and the Virginia Wesleyan family seeks to inspire and facilitate your growth as a student and citizen of the world.

Virginia Wesleyan is committed to providing a transformative education. We understand that your transition from high school to college is an individual rite of passage during which you will learn to think for yourself.

Our professors are as unique as their programs. They are published authors, respected researchers, experts — and every one of them loves to teach. With a 13:1 student/faculty ratio you'll have direct, personal interaction with faculty members on a daily basis.

In the tradition of the liberal arts, you'll study many perspectives, and you'll have the opportunity to discover through exploration. Take a trip to the Chesapeake Bay to conduct research, participate in a mock court trial, or unleash your inner creativity with a ball of clay on the potter's wheel.

Any, and everything you do at Virginia Wesleyan, prepares you for a lifetime of learning.