Phase II STEM Application

This application is for rising college sophomores who have been invited to apply for the STEM Scholars Program (Phase II).

Personal Profile:

*First name
*Last name
*City, State, Zip
*E-mail address
*U.S. Citizen?

*Submitted FAFSA  in 2015?


*STEM Faculty Recommendation

*Contact information for recommendation


Academic Profile:

College Attended (if other than VWU)
Declared Major(s)
Undergraduate GPA
Interest in Dual-degree engineering program (VWU-ODU joint program)
In the space below paste an essay based on the prompt:  What STEM discipline are you majoring in?  Explain why you have chosen this discipline and how strong your commitment to it is.  How could the STEM Scholars Program help you to succeed?  (300-400 words.)