Virginia Wesleyan transitions from college to university May 23 - August 31st. Please be patient as this transition occurs.

Marlin Athletics

Marlin Athletics

As a member of the NCAA at the Division III level, Virginia Wesleyan University promotes a culture in which student-athletes are mentored and trained to excel on the field and in the classroom. Under the guidance of our dedicated coaching staff, our Marlin athletes embody the best of the competitive team spirit.

Virginia Wesleyan athletic programs rely on your partnership each year to provide our teams with the necessary practice equipment, uniforms and safe transportation throughout their playing season. Learn how you can support VWU student-athletes through the Marlin Athletic Club.   

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Krista WitmerKrista Witmer is a midfielder on the VWU women's soccer team.  This will be her second season as a team captain.  She is studying elementary education where she is required to complete fifty hours of hands on experience this semester at a local elementary school.  On top of that, Krista also holds a work-study position on campus.  VWU promotes a culture where student-athletes are mentored, trained and prepared for any challenge.  Despite all of their hard-work, our athletic program relies on your partnership in order to maintain excellence. Through a contribution from you, players are provided uniforms, practice equipment and safe and reliable transportation