Endowed Gifts

Endowment – A Long-Term Commitment

The earnings from Virginia Wesleyan University's Endowment provide a regular stream of funds for programs such as scholarships, academic chairs and professorships, undergraduate research and library acquisitions.

The University's Endowment was valued at $53.3 million on June 30, 2011, representing a 19.8% investment return for the 2010-11 fiscal year.  In 2011, distributions from the endowment contributed 6% of the operating budget.

The University strives to develop a robust endowment to provide reliable funding for academic priorities.

Endowed scholarships

Endowed Scholarships will enhance the University's competitiveness in attracting Phi Beta Kappa-caliber students.  Making scholarships available will advance the University's goal of attracting and retaining more highly-qualified students; continue to diversify the student body by increasing the number of minority and international students; and increase the level of academic challenge on campus.

Endowed scholarship donors may meet their student recipients annually and receive an annual report on the growth of their fund.  With an investment goal of 8% annually, we hope to grow your endowed fund by 3% compounded per year.  Your endowed scholarship fund will forever impact our students while providing permanent recognition for your gift.

Endowed professorships and chairs

Since top faculty command a higher price in the marketplace, endowed faculty positions provide the resources to attract more top faculty.  The University currently has seven endowed Chairs and Professorships.

More endowed chairs will increase the quality of teaching, the level of undergraduate research and the national reputation of the University.  Students will immediately benefit from having national recognized experts in the classroom.