The Lambuth M. and Alice A. Clarke Heritage Society

The Lambuth M. and Alice A. Clarke Heritage Society recognizes individuals who have arranged for a deferred gift to be given to Virginia Wesleyan University in any one of the following ways: as a bequest in a will or revocable trust; a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity; a charitable lead trust; the naming of the University as a beneficiary of an IRA, qualified retirement or pension plan; an annuity or life insurance policy or a remainder interest in a personal residence or farm.

Anonymous (3)
Rosalie G. Bailey
Jane P. Batten H'06
James R. Bergdoll H'10
George Y. and Sue Birdsong
S. F. Blocker, Jr.
James D. Blood '74
Sara N. Boggs
Gary D. Bonnewell '79
Robert F. Boyd H'09
Fletcher E. Beadles '72
Virginia H. Breeden
Joan P. Brock H'10
Thomas C. Broyles
John S. Burton '95
Nancy J.'84 and Robert E. Chitwood
Alice A. Clarke
Robert W. Collenberg II '90
Ruth Cunningham
Robin D. Davenport '74
Nancy and Robert H. DeFord
Ryan C. Dickerson
Clayton J. and Valerie R. Drees
Betty Harmon Edwards
William J. Fanney
Jesse H. Fanshaw III '72
Linda A. Ferguson
Emily H. Filer
Charles W. Fretwell '90
Virginia C. Gray-Backus
William T. and Fann D. Greer, Jr.
James W. Griffiths
Margaret Y. Haley
Joseph H. Harkey
James Harris
Roy E. Hendrix
Nancy Jacobson
Bobby J. Jenkins
Sarah S. Jett '89
Constance M. Jones
Douglas A. Kennedy
Charles and Viola Kessler
Mary Kohlhoff

June-Marie Lam '84
Leslie P. Langley
Edward L. and Linda H. Lilly
Mathew and Krista Littleton
Katherine Loring and Robert Benjamin
Stephen S. and Dawn Mansfield
Daniel A. Mason '88
Mary Russell Mason
Vincent J. and Suzanne Mastracco, Jr.
Timothy J. McArtor '70
Dorris W. McNeal
Robert and Mercedes McNutt
Elizabeth F. Middleton '91
R. Randall Moore
Robert C. Nusbaum H'03
Edward E. O'Brien '83
L. Anderson Orr
Willard and Lillian Orr
Darrell and Claudine Patton
Deborah M. Paxson '75  and Michael S. Brewer
Jacklyn Pearce
Phyllis S. Pruden
Darlene W. Rawls '82
Jeanne P. Ross
Gay W. Shulman
Donnie Slye '74
Theodore '84 and Teresa S. Smith
William J. Spain III '79
Minnie Stanford
Vincent J. and Betty Thomas
Susan Beverly Torma '72
Henry C. Turner, Jr. '11
Rev. W. Dabney Walters
Martha Jo Wilson
Barbara P. Wool '83
Charla Lee Smith-Worley '72
Hardenia Zigler

Virginia Wesleyan thanks those who provided for the University in their estate. We are forever grateful for their foresight in making a commitment that promises an enduring, transformative impact on the future of Virginia Wesleyan University.

H. S. "Ab" Abernathy
John T. and Mary H. Amory
Alexander P. Armour
Bruce Baker '73
Paul C. Bailey
Mayer I. Birshtein
Oscar Brandeis Birshtein
Frederick and Mary Jane Bockius
Jerry G. and Ruth C. Bray, Jr.
Frank E. Brown
Helen M. Carroll
Arthur W. Carter
Jane Charters
Virginia M. Choate
Raymond T. Clark
Lambuth M. Clarke H'02
Thomas C. Clarke
Waring W. and JoAnn Claud
Elaine Kaylor Cline '78
Shepherd W. and Alice B. Colonna
Shepherd W. and Dianne Colonna, Jr.
Van Cunningham
Anne S. Daughtrey
Arnold and Roberta Freedland
Lucille Gum
Carl W. Haley
William J. Hanna
Forrest M. Harrell, Jr.
Helen B. Hoffman H'03

Henry Clay Hofheimer II H'02
John A. Hutchison
Edwin Jacobson
Margaret M. Keatley
Floyd E. Kellam, Jr.
Jeanne S. Kinnamon
Paul Kohlhoff
Costas and Myrtle Maroulis
Arthur C. Marquess, Jr.
John W. Mason, Jr.
Linford Mason
Ann A. Mathews
H. P. McNeal
E. G. Middleton, Jr.
Mary E. Orse '77
Peter D. Pruden, Jr.
Reina Puckett
Crawford Rogers
Rebecca "H. W." Rogers
Ralph G. andInez G. Roop
A. Kenneth Scribner, Jr.
Carl J. Sanders
Lewis H. Shulman
William Stanford
Elizabeth W. Teagle
Mary Ellen La Rue Thrasher
Mary W. Thrasher
Donald H. Traylor
J. H. Zigler