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Feb 22

The Meaning of Identity in Music
11 a.m.

“By the waters of Babylon, we gave up our harps for our captives required of us songs. . .” (Psalm 137) In Uhuru Africa!, Jason Squinobal, Assistant Professor of Music, explores the meaning of identity in music, its use in fighting oppression and to promote civil rights and independence from the African American anthem “Lift Every Voice” to the South African hymn of liberation “Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika” (Lord, bless Africa). This event is in Fine Arts- 9 in Hofheimer Theatre.


Mar 5

An Evening of Bach
7 p.m.

The Wren Masters, the faculty Baroque Ensemble of the College of William and Mary, perform several of Bach's instrumental works and serve as collaborative artists for Bach cantatas 49 and 73: "Ich geh' und suche mit Verlangen," (Go and Seek with Longing) and "Herr, wie du willt, so schick's mit mir" (Lord, as Thou Wilt, So Send to Me.) Billye Brown Youmans, soprano; Doug Lynch, tenor; Bryson Mortensen, baritone. In the Monumental Chapel, VWU.


Apr 12

The Physics of Sound
11 a.m.

“Make music with the harp and sounds of singing, with trumpets and the ram’s horn; shout for joy!”   (Psalm 98:5) Dr. Katrina Henry, Assistant Professor of Physics, demonstrates the “Physics of Sound,” and Henry Faivre, Registered Piano Technician, explains the inner workings of a piano and its tuning.   (Weather-permitting, “Play Me” pianos will be placed around campus for the day in a celebration of music-making.) This event is in Fine Arts- 9 in Hofheimer Theatre.

Apr 19

Installation of Hand-Crafted Wind-Chimes
11 a.m.

“The wind blows where it will and you hear its sound, but don’t know where it comes from or where it goes.  So it is with the Spirit of God . . .”  (John 3:8)  Phil Guilfoyle, Professor of Art, leads VWU’s spring sculpture class in the installation of hand-crafted wind-chimes placed throughout the campus to remind us of the ethereal nature of wind and sound. This event will be held in Fine Arts-9 in Hofheimer Theatre.