Glass Act

New partnership with the Chrysler Museum of Art gives Wesleyan students unique access to world-class glassblowing studio

How students at Virginia Wesleyan and other colleges and universities explore issues of faith and forge their own spiritual—and, in some cases, not-so-spiritual—paths

Virginia Wesleyan students are encouraged to “bring a spark, light a fire” as they embark on their educational journey at VWC, one designed to promote a lifelong passion for learning. Thanks to a new formal partnership between VWC and the Chrysler Museum of Art, they have an opportunity to “get fired up” in a whole new way.
As of January 2012, VWC students have access to the Chrysler Museum’s world-class Glass Studio, which opened its doors adjacent to the Museum in Norfolk in November 2011.
Students enrolled in the art course “Topics in Studio Art: Glass,” taught by adjunct professor and Chrysler Museum Glass Studio manager Charlotte Potter, travel to the Glass Studio a minimum of twice a week for an introduction to the practical mechanics of glassblowing as well as the conceptual approaches to glass as an art form and the history of the medium.
The students featured in these photos are among the first to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the ancient, collaborative art of glassblowing in a state-of-the-art facility.

Photos by Wendy W. Maness
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