2015 INTEL Faculty Grants Announced


Virginia Wesleyan College’s 2015 Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning (INTEL) faculty grants have been awarded to VWC Associate Professor of Philosophy Cathal Woods and a multi-disciplinary team made up of Associate Professor of History Rich Bond; Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology Thomas Brown; Associate Professor of Management/Business/Economics Paul Ewell; and Assistant Professor of English Kellie Holzer. Each grant provides up to $1,000 for a project that encourages and advances a culture of innovation and engaged learning. Woods’ two-part project, “Self-Paced Critical Reasoning: CBE Within Credit-Hour Constraints,” explores Competency-Based Education (CBE), an approach that awards credit to students as competence is demonstrated in a sequence of learning objectives rather than on the basis of time spent. Woods will assess how CBE can be married with credit-hour education and will also focus on the development of materials for sequential assessment. The second grant will fund a project titled, “Advancing Digital Pedagogy at Virginia Wesleyan College, 2015-2016.” Bond, Brown, Ewell and Holzer will advance work initiated in 2014 under a previous INTEL grant using a combination of student and faculty workshops, project competitions, funding incentives, and presentations to foster a campus-wide dialogue about digital learning. The project aims to help faculty develop pedagogical and technical skills, increase the College’s capacity to support such work, provide training, and build a community of digital pedagogues at VWC. For more information, contact Associate Dean of Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning Kathy Stolley at 757.233.8768 or kstolley@vwc.edu. More