Winter Session Reception Celebrates Student Travels


Students gathered with faculty and staff in Boyd Dining Hall on January 23 to share their travel experiences during Winter Session at a reception hosted by President Scott Miller. Seventy-six students have safely returned to VWC after broadening their horizons through travel to places around the world this month as part of their coursework in the following classes/travel destinations: CHEM 455: Measurement Science -Washington D.C.; COMM 333: Walt Disney's America -Orlando, FL; ENG 248/348: Topics in Travel Writing - New York, NY; HIST 262: History of Prague - Prague, Czech Republic; PSY 305: History of Psychopathology of Europe - London, Paris, and Amsterdam; REC 348: Maui to Mogul - Oahu, Hawaii; SPAN 219/319: Seminar in Hispanic Studies - Yucatan, Mexico; TH 270/370: New York Theatre - New York, NY. View on Instagram.