2018-19 Faculty Promotions and Sabbaticals


The 2018-19 Academic Year marked the start of several promotions for VWU faculty members, including advancement from assistant to associate professor and conferral of tenure for Dr. Kathleen Casey (History), Dr. Leslie Caughell (Political Science), and Dr. Jennifer Slivka (English), and advancement from associate to full professor for Dr. Paul Ewell (Management, Business, and Economics), Dr. Hilve Firek (Education), Dr. Gabriela Martorell (Psychology), and Dr. Stuart Minnis (Communication). George Jackson received conferral of tenure, and Sophie Rondeau advanced to Librarian III (Associate Librarian). Congratulations!

Dr. Soraya Bartol (Biology), Dr. Lisa Lyon Payne (Communication), Dr. Kevin Kittredge, (Chemistry), Dr. Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson (Biology), and Dr. Taryn Myers (Psychology) are also approved for faculty sabbaticals.