Winter Homeless Shelter

On-Campus Winter Homeless ShelterFor one week each January, Virginia Wesleyan University hosts a course that examines the sociological and psychological of homelessness.  As part of the course, students volunteer at three shelters in the Hampton Roads Community (NEST: The Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team, PVH: Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless, and Virginia Beach Lighthouse) . Established in 2007 and founded by students, VWU's Annual Homeless Shelter program helps bring classroom learning to real world experiences. The shelter is a collaborative campus effort but is staffed and managed primarily by student volunteers and provides a truly transformational experience for volunteers and guests.

The Shelter takes place during the University's Winter Session academic term and is typically tied with an academic course on the issue of homelessness in America. In keeping with the University’s Wesleyan heritage, VWU students are encouraged to become engaged citizens who care about their community in active ways. Shelter provides a unique opportunity for students to break down social barriers, look beyond stereotypes and make meaningful connections.