Virginia Wesleyan transitions from college to university May 23 - August 1. Please be patient as this transition occurs.


Any student with a life-threatening situation should call

                           VWU  Emergency hotline (757)233-8888

Use the following guidelines to define a medical emergency:
  • Major injury, such as obvious broken bones or large wounds
  • Unconsciousness
  • Active Bleeding
  • Shortness of breath associated with chest pain
  • Sudden and severe onset of pain
  • Stay calm.
  • Call the Emergency Hotline (757) 233-8888
  • Define the emergency. Give your name, location, and directions.
  • Contact your Resident Assistant, who will give assistance.
  • Stay with the injured student until Rescue Squad arrives.
  • During hours, the Health Services staff is available to offer advice and/or evaluation at (757) 455-3342 or (757) 455-3108.

REMEMBER: In a life-threatening situation, time is of the essence!