Virginia Wesleyan transitions from college to university May 23 - August 1. Please be patient as this transition occurs.

General Information


Students are seen on a walk-in basis for illnesses and injuries such as colds, sore throats, headaches, small cuts, bruises, burns, etc.

Lab Tests

Pregnancy tests and urine tests for bladder infections are screening procedures available in Health Services.


Tuberculosis testing (Tb test) is available in Health Services for a small fee.


Ace bandages and ice packs are available. Loan items include crutches.

Care Procedure
  1. Discuss problem with Health Services staff.
  2. A referral will be made by Health Services if necessary.
  3. Insurance form will be provided for students with school insurance.
Evenings and Weekends

Non-emergency medical problems such as: colds, sore throats, rashes, etc. can wait until the next working day to be evaluated in the Health Services office. RA's have first aid kits that contain thermometers, tylenol, advil, decongestants etc.

There are some medical problems which are not considered emergencies but which do require prompt attention such as:

  • Urinary tract infections, which may be characterized by painful and frequent urination, bloody urine, low back pain, and body-shaking chills.
  • Injuries with a suspicion of a broken bone.
  • Sore Throats which are bright red, have pus or exudate on tonsils (looks like cottage cheese), and are associated with a high temperature over 101 degrees.

NOTE: NDC Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM and Saturday 8AM to 4PM

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance may vary from year to year depending upon the negotiated contract. Please check your present insurance brochure for specific coverage.

Insurance claim forms are available in Health Services and must be completed:

  • Before a referral visit and/or
  • As soon as possible after an NDC visit.

It would be helpful to have on hand in the residence hall things like ginger ale, bouillon, chicken soup, and juices for times when a regular meal is unappealing or impractical.