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A variety of options are available for gynecological services (you may also call Health Services for more information). Student confidentiality is assured.

Gynelogical Counseling

The Health Services staff is available for gynecological counseling including: information about the gyn. examination, contraceptive options, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy.

Gynelogical Examinations

Routine gynecological examinations for Pap Smear and/or contraception are not available in the Health Services office. Recommendations and referrals can be made to local practioners and clinics. .

Specific Gynecological Problems

Vaginal bleeding, vaginitis, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, etc. are covered under the student insurance when applicable under current insurance policy.

Confidential Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing is available in the Health Services for a small fee.  Pregnancy Counseling will be a routine follow-up of all pregnancy testing.