Student Government Association

Student Government Association is the liaison between the student body and the University administration. SGA hosts activities that benefit the entire campus community such as Student Forums, the Homecoming Parade, Senior Week Activities, and Pub 'n Club.

Executive Board

SGA President - Nich Hipple

SGA Vice President - Brittany Hockey

SGA Secretary - Anthony Bowden

SGA Treasurer - Mickella Rast

SGA Event Officer - Myles Stevens

Senior Class

Senior Class President - Kelsi Robins

Senior Class Vice President - Tabitha Lowell

Senior Class Finance Officer - Leslie Hackney

Senior Class Events Officer - Heather Jenkins

Junior Class

Junior Class President - Gavin Fry

Junior Class Vice President - Adam Kurek

Junior Class Finance Officer - Celine Henri

Junior Class Events Officer - Alisha Milliosa

Sophomore Class

Sophomore Class President - Taylor Major

Sophomore Class Vice President - Taylor Anderson

Sophomore Class Finance Officer - Amber McDonald

Sophomore Class Events Officer - Gabriella Brown

Freshman Class

Sophomore Class President - Allaina Boggs

Sophomore Class Vice President - Max Peters

Sophomore Class Finance Officer - Quentin Nace

Sophomore Class Events Officer - Elise Herring