About VWU

President's Council on Inclusive Community

The mission of the President's Council on Inclusive Community (PCIC) is to foster a community at Virginia Wesleyan University where everyone feels welcomed and valued regardless of race, religion, color, creed, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, handicap, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. Modeled after The Richmond Promise at the University of Richmond, PCIC encourages the equitable participation of the campus community, supporting its members as they respect the humanity of one another and work together to learn about others and themselves, as well as strive to remove barriers to full participation and work to sustain a culture of civility, respect, and open dialogue.

2017-2018 Members

Charline Bess, Office Manager for the Center for Enrollment Services
Thomas Brown, Batten Associate Professor of Criminal Justice/Sociology
Kathleen Casey, Assistant Professor of History
Takeyra Collins, Assistant Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies
Dante Davis, Student
Melissa Fisher, Student
Rebecca Hooker, Batten Associate Professor of English (Chair)
Kelly Jackson, Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom
Keith Moore, Vice President for Student Affairs (Ex-officio)
Timothy O'Rourke, Provost and Vice President (Ex-officio)
Wayne Pollock, Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies
Karla Rasmussen, Director of Human Resources
Kathleen Reese, Administrative Assistant for the Susan S. Goode School of Arts and Humanities and the Joan P. Brock School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Joanne Renn, Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Jason Seward, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Jennifer Slivka, Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Women's Resource Center
Katherine Staman, Student
Kathy Stolley, Professor of Sociology
Vivian Teter, Professor of English
Mavel Velasco, Professor of Hispanic Studies
Gregory West, University Chaplain