About VWU

President's Environmental Issues Council

The President's Environmental Issues Council (PEIC) at Virginia Wesleyan University promotes a strong environmental ethic and cultivates sustainable policies, practices and curricula throughout the University.

Increased concern and awareness about environmental issues and global warming prompted the President to lead the charge in making the University a more environmentally friendly place with environmentally conscious citizens.

Through its broad membership, the Council works with campus leaders to address environmental issues on campus and to promote conservation and environmental stewardship among Virginia Wesleyan's students, faculty and staff.

The Council has two sub-committees that work in more concentrated areas. They are the Education & Research and Outreach & Community sub-committees.

The Council also oversees the President's Environmental Challenge Grant Program.

The Role of the PEIC

The vision of the PEIC is for Virginia Wesleyan University to be a model of environmental stewardship through education and community engagement. The PEIC strives to achieve this by promoting a strong environmental ethic and cultivating sustainable policies, practices and curricula in keeping with the University’s liberal arts tradition and institutional commitment to social responsibility and ethical conduct.