Bias Incident Report

The Bias Incident Report allows students, faculty, and staff to submit a bias incident on the campus to the President's Council for Inclusive Communities (PCIC) for review.  The PCIC will discuss the incident report and propose suggestions to the President to help the community become more inclusive.  The information will be utilized to help the President guide the VWU community in the areas of diversity.  The PCIC will not take action against any student, faculty, or staff members as it is not within their purview.     

According to Teaching Tolerance, A bias incident is conduct, speech or expression motivated, in whole or in part, by bias or prejudice. It differs from a hate crime in that no criminal activity is involved. 

Tips for Identifying Bias Incidents:

  • Slurs and epithets are used. 
  • Hate symbols -- or inflammatory symbols like nooses -- are used.
  • The perpetrator(s) admit their conduct was motivated by prejudice or that they selected the target(s) based on their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation or other identity factors.
  • The target(s) believe the incident was motivated by bias.
  • The target(s) openly engage in activities related to their race, ethnicity or other identity characteristics.
  • Possible involvement by an organized hate group or its members.

Reporting the incident may lead to an investigation, and if either a witness or the investigation identifies the person responsible, the Institution can hold that person accountable for their acts. When appropriate, a judicial response communicates a clear message about the standards and behaviors that are acceptable at  Virginia Wesleyan University.

If you have experienced a bias incident, Virginia Wesleyan University encourages you to please reach out to the Chief Diversity Officer (Dr. Brian Kurisky - to talk with him about the incident.  If you do not wish to talk with the Chief Diversity Officer, you are encouraged to talk with a faculty or staff member with whom you feel comfortable confiding in or reach out to the VWU Counseling Center at 757-455-5730.