Staff Policy and Procedure Manual

Hiring Policies

1.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
1.2 Hiring Practices
1.3 Employee Classification
1.4 Employment At Will
1.5 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
1.6 Pre-Employment Background Investigations
1.7.1 Computer Access/Background Screening
1.7.2 New Employee Computer Systems Access

Pay Related

2.1 Payroll
2.2 Payroll Deductions
2.3 Staff Teaching Compensation

Working Relations

3.1 Rules of Conduct
3.2 Code of Personnel Relations
3.3 Problem Resolution Procedure (Grievance Procedure)
3.4.1 Employee Counseling Summary (Progressive Discipline)
3.4.2 Form, Employee Counseling Summary (Progressive Discipline)
3.5 Policy for the Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
3.6.1 Harassment, Faculty
3.6.2 Harassment, Staff
3.7 Performance Evaluation - Staff
3.8 Statement Of Non-Discrimination
3.9 Non-Fraternization Policy


4.1 Benefits Summary
4.2 Tuition Remission, Assistance and Exchange Programs
4.3 Continuation of Benefits Reform Act (COBRA)

Vacation and Leave

5.1 Paid Annual Leave Policy (PAL)
5.2 Short Term Disability (STD)
5.3 Military Leave Policy (USERRA)
5.4 Holidays

Health, Welfare, and Safety

6.1 Worker's Compensation
6.2 Family and Medical Leave Policy (FMLA)
6.3 Maternity Leave
6.4 Substance Abuse Policy
6.5 Tobacco Use Policy
6.6 Tobacco Cessation Policy
6.7.1 Policy on Companion and Service Animals
6.7.2 Form, Policy on Companion and Service Animals
6.8 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Employee Rights

7.1 Whistleblower Policy
7.2 Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act

Other Policies

8.1 Miscellaneous Information
8.2 References
8.3 Policy Against Fraud
8.4 Policy on Transgender Students and Employees

Operations Policies and Procedures

9.1 Motor Vehicle Record Policy
9.2 Social Media Policy
9.3 Cell Phone Policy
9.4 Digital Policies for Email
9.5 Requesting Data and Data Analysis
9.6 Personal Email
9.7 Purchasing Policy