Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Virginia Wesleyan actively seeks to enroll a diverse student body. The underserved population has increased at VWU over the last few years to approximately 40 percent. VWU also enrolls international students from a variety of countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Trinidad, Korea, Germany, Colombia and Turkey. These students enrich the cultural landscape of our campus through sharing their own heritage and traditions.

Virginia Wesleyan University is extremely proud of our diverse student body. The Fall 2020 entering first-year cohort had the following diversity:

  Percent of First-Time First Year Population
Foreign 1.24%
Hispanic/Latino 12.07%
Black or African American, non-Hispanic 26.32%
White, non-Hispanic 52.54%
American Indian or Alaska Native, non-Hispanic 0.31%
Asian, non-Hispanic 0.62%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic  0
Multiracial 4.95%
Race and/or ethnicity unknown 1.95%


  Total Campus population%
Foreign 0.97%
Hispanic/Latino 9.65%
Black or African American, non-Hispanic 24.05%
White, non-Hispanic 53.82%
American Indian or Alaska Native, non-Hispanic 0.59%
Asian, non-Hispanic 2.00%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic 0.45%
Multiracial 6.01%
Race and/or ethnicity unknown 2.45%
In the fall of 2019, VWU had a first-generation student population of 28.03% of the entire student body. First-generation students comprised 27% of the 2020 incoming first-year cohort.

Diverse Student Organizations

VWU has over 50 student organizations! Of these organizations, there are over 10 student organizations that are cultural or identity-based.  The Office of Student Activities aims to connect students with diverse student organizations to maximize their experience in an inclusive environment.  The listing below is continually updated as more organizations are started at VWU.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Sigma-Omicron Chapter: https://aka1908.com; Instagram: @sigmaomicron_aka1908
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - https://apa1906.net; Instagram: @phialpha_alphas
  • African Student Association - Instagram: @marlins_asa
  • Black Student Union - Instagram: @marlins_bsu
  • Caribbean Student Association - Instagram: @marlins_csa
  • Generation ACTion
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated - https://kappaalphapsi1911.com; Instagram: @vdubbnupes
  • Latino Student Alliance - Instagram: @marlins_lsa
  • Naturalista
  • Phenomenal Women
  • Spectrum - Instagram: @we_are_spectrum
  • WILD - Instagram: got.wild
  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. - www.zphib1920.org; Instagram: @by_zetaphibeta