Photo Galleries: Batten Honors College Competition and Marlins Day

Academic Culture

Student-focused Transformative Educational Experiences
INTEL activities are central to VWU’s enhanced curriculum and student learning, and to faculty development more broadly. These activities widely involve experiential learning, sometimes identified as “action learning” or “learning by doing” and often done through high impact educational practices (HIPs). These HIPs are specifically designed to actively engage students in the educational process. Research has shown that HIPs promote student success. They require students to apply theory to practice in the real world and give students a step up in preparing for careers, graduate school, and being responsibly engaged in their world after graduation.

Putting Our Signature on VWU Courses
To illustrate experiential learning, faculty and staff have established “Signature Experiences” that support our enhanced 4x4 curriculum. Our Signature Experience collection includes a diverse range of activities and assignments that highlight the unique opportunities available at Virginia Wesleyan.