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Faculty Innovation, Scholarship and Teaching Excellence

Virginia Wesleyan’s dedicated liberal arts faculty excel as teacher-scholars. INTEL supports faculty development in three primary areas: training, grants, and recognition.

Highlighting Faculty In and Out of the Classroom

Meet Our Faculty
Both in and out of the classroom, our award-winning faculty members engage in a wide range of scholarly, artistic and service-oriented activities.

Faculty Scholarship
Virginia Wesleyan’s dedicated liberal arts faculty excel as teacher-scholars.

Faculty Values and Practices
Our faculty are committed to academic values and practices that emphasize VWU’s primary interest and commitment to classroom teaching.

Supporting Faculty Development

INTEL facilitates professional development opportunities for faculty focused on leading pedagogies, strategies for enhanced learning, the effective integration of new technologies, and building community partnerships. These development opportunities are regularly delivered on campus by our own faculty “Talk About Teaching” series. INTEL also organizes and supports workshops led by nationally-recognized scholars, professional conferences, and development opportunities by other experts in their fields.

Recognizing Excellence in Teaching, Research and Service

VWU Faculty Focus
A monthly email newsletter celebrating professional development successes and keeping faculty and staff abreast of one another’s work.

“Feather in Your Cap” Celebration of Faculty Works
An annual event that recognizes and celebrates faculty publications, grants, tenure and promotions.

Faculty Awards

Three annual awards presented at commencement recognize the accomplishments of full-time VWU faculty.

Samuel Nelson Gray Award
Recipients of this distinguished teaching award are selected by students. Each recipient has demonstrated effectiveness as a classroom teacher, creative activity within or pertaining to the classroom, influence in developing professional interest and attitudes in his/her academic field, and professional activity on or off campus.

Frank and Jane P. Batten Distinguished Scholar Award
Voted by their faculty colleagues, this award recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement.

Service and Community Engagement Award
Voted by their faculty colleagues, recipients have demonstrated effective campus citizenship, building connections between campus and community, and effective academic advising and student mentoring. INTEL has established and manages the selection process for this award.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation

Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning (INTEL) Faculty Grants
As the name implies, Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning (INTEL) Faculty Grants encourage and advance a culture of innovation and engaged learning-related activities. Through a peer-reviewed competitive process, two grants are awarded each year to full-time Virginia Wesleyan faculty.