Mentoring Committees (FH III 6-7) Requirements and Instructions

  • Choose committee members: during your first semester at VWU, ask 2-3 colleagues (associates or above) to serve on your mentoring committee. Suggestions: one mentor should be a member of your department; you should also ask one mentor to serve as your committee's convener, or else plan to act as convener yourself.
  • Two meetings per year: the committee should meet once each semester to discuss faculty promotion standards and any other issues that may come up.
  • Draft development plan: you should draft a development plan by the start of your second semester at VWU and circulate it among your committee members. This plan should outline a "wish list" of your teaching, scholarship and service goals for the next three years. Suggestions: include experiences from your previous position as launching points for future achievements at VWU; your plan can and should be revised over time.
  • Classroom observation: one mentor from your committee must volunteer to observe you teaching a class (at your mutual convenience) once during your first year, and should provide some sort of written evaluation of that classroom experience to be shared with you and all committee members.
  • Circulate materials for second (spring) meeting: you should provide your committee members with copies of your first year's PAF, your updated C.V., your first semester's teaching evaluations, and a final draft of your development plan in advance of the second meeting of your committee. These materials will help frame the discussion at that meeting.
  • Annual evaluation letter: your entire committee must generate a year-end letter that evaluates your progress in the three faculty promotion standards, and must submit copies to you, your division chair and the Dean's office for inclusion in your employment file. Suggestion: have each mentor draft one section (ie., teaching, scholarship or service) of the letter, and have the committee convener edit and bring the sections together.
  • Pre-tenure and tenure letters: at the time of your pre-tenure review, and again when you come up for full tenure and promotion, your committee must generate (and submit to the Dean's office) an additional letter assessing your overall professional progress since the time you were hired, or since your last review.