Ethical Values and Faith Perspectives (V)

Perspectives (V) designation explore one of two possible areas of knowledge or a combination of both.

Ethical Values: Such courses are designed to prepare students to analyze moral and ethical problems, propose solutions, and make responsible decisions.


  • To identify moral and ethical issues.
  • To develop analytical skills for dealing with these issues.
  • To understand both the logical and the personal and social consequences of moral stands.

Faith Perspectives: Such courses are designed to prepare students to recognize how faith perspectives and religious heritages shape worldviews; to enable students to analyze, compare, and interpret historical religious traditions; and to help students recognize the implications of those traditions for individuals and societies.


  • To identify the worldview and value systems of various faith perspectives.
  • To recognize how faith perspectives shape worldviews, actions, and interactions with society.
  • To develop conceptual tools and analytical skills for understanding and criticizing faith and value experiences in a rational way.

Transferrable Skill:

Students can understand, evaluate, and produce claims about which beliefs and behaviors to adopt, generated by using categories such as good/bad, right/wrong, beneficial/harmful, fair/unfair, respectful/ disrespectful, liberating/constraining, sacred/ profane, healthful/disgusting, educative/ vitiating, etc., in particular such as are employed by established ethical theories and religious communities.