Senior Integrative Experience (I) (4 sem. hrs.)

The Senior Integrative Experience is designed as a capstone experience for the
General Studies Program. Courses bearing the Senior Integrative Experience (I) designation are designed to help students understand how the above six Frames of Reference are interconnected across the liberal arts curriculum. Because solutions to complex world problems require a mature, holistic, and interdisciplinary approach, students must include in their thinking the insights and methods offered by various modes of knowledge across the spectrum of the liberal arts. The Senior Integrative Experience therefore draws upon the knowledge and perspectives of different subject areas while synthesizing these diverse approaches to learning into a coherent worldview.


  • To review the differing methods and perspectives that characterize each of the
    Frames of Reference categories.
  • To reflect on the interconnectedness of those methods and perspectives.
  • To demonstrate understanding of that interconnectedness through a major project or group of assignments.