MBA – Course Listing

MBE 500 Accounting Information and Management Systems
Examines the ways managers use accounting information to improve entity performance.  Topics include accounting reports for management, alternative approaches to ascertaining costs, alternative approaches to setting prices, and performance evaluation.

MBE 510 Operations and Supply Chain Management
Explores the strategies and skills needed to develop technology driven, sustainable, operating and supply chain systems in a global environment incorporating strategic decision making models. Topics include project management, product and process planning, capacity and scheduling, the value chain, supply chain planning and analytics, operations monitoring and control, and process optimization methods.

MBE 520 Ethical Management in a Global Environment
Explores management responses to globalization trends that are reshaping political, economic, and socio-cultural values.  Examines potential ethical dilemmas managers may face and uses tools such as the Balanced Report Card, Triple Bottom Line Accounting, and case studies to provide practical solutions that promote human rights, improve labor conditions, and reduce negative environmental impacts as well as promote profitable business operations.

MBE 530 Marketing Management:  Analysis, Planning, and Control
Applies fundamental principles to managerial decision-making in marketing contexts reflecting constantly evolving marketplaces.  Topics include brand equity, customer value analysis, database marketing, e-commerce, value networks, supply chain management, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and integrated marketing communications.

MBE 540 Managerial Economic Analysis
Applies fundamental macroeconomic analysis to managerial decision-making in market contexts shaped by domestic and international macroeconomic developments.  Topics include demand analysis and estimation, forecasting, cost theory, break-even analysis, capital budgeting, hedging, and foreign exchange markets.

MBE 550 Managerial Finance
Applies strategic decision-making techniques to the acquisition and deployment of invested capital at both the firm and departmental levels. Topics include financial markets and institutions, working capital management, financial statement analysis, cash flow and risk analysis, capital structure, financial planning, and multinational finance.

MBE 561 Applied Leadership Theory — A Case Study Approach
This course provides students with concepts, theories, tools, and skills relating to the central theme of leadership. The basic objective of the course is to bridge gaps between conceptual theories, popular approaches to leadership, and practical application to real-world business situations through the integral use of advanced case studies.

MBE 563 Advanced Managerial Finance
This course develops students’ understanding and application of the analytical tools needed to assess and evaluate the different financial decisions faced by the firm. Topics include value creation, capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation, capital structure and payout policy, risk management, financial planning and working capital management, mergers, corporate control and governance.
Prerequisites: MBE 550

MBE 570 Organizational Psychology & Behavior
Explores how people operate in organizations and how the structure of the organization can affect their performance. Case studies illustrating concepts regarding human behavior and development in individual, group and complex organizational settings will be used. Topics include diversity in organizations, group behavior, communication, organizational structure and culture, and change management.

MBE 581 Negotiations
This course provides students with concepts, tools, and skills necessary for successfully managing interpersonal, intragroup/intergroup, and higher-order organizational negotiations. It examines conflict and associated multi-level organizational dynamics. Frameworks in diagnosing, assessing, and developing interventions/counteractions in various negotiation situations are presented. The course considers concepts of negotiation in terms of leadership development.

MBE 583 Investments
This course develops students’ understanding of the theory and practice of investment decision making. Students will use portfolio theory to analyze the risk -return tradeoff of individual securities and portfolios. Topics include bonds and bond portfolio management, equity valuation, derivatives, passive investing, active investing, and alternative investments.
Prerequisites: MBE 550

MBE 590 Advanced Strategy and Policy Integration
This course covers topics of mission, goal, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation. Strategic techniques include Industry Analysis, Analysis of the Competitive Environment, Key Success Factors, Strategic Scenario Analysis and SWOT Analysis. Additional topics covered include strategic thinking, competitive advantage, vertical and horizontal integration, and planning horizon Prerequisites: MBE 500, MBE510, MBE 520, MBE 530, MBE 550, MBE 570

MBE 593 Finance Capstone
This is a capstone course that builds on the knowledge that students acquired in prior courses to understand and apply the techniques used by Private Equity firms to value early stage, middle stage and late stage enterprises as well as design financing rounds that match the interests of private equity investors.
Prerequisites: MBE 550, MBE 563, and MBE 583