Student Evaluations of Our Classes

“To read the Latin and Greek authors in their original, is a sublime luxury; and I deem luxury in science to be at least as justifiable as in architecture, painting, gardening, or the other arts.” –Thomas Jefferson

“Be governed by me, on the other hand, and your first reward shall be a view of the many wondrous deeds and doings of the men of old; you shall hear their words and know them all, what manner of men they were; and your soul, which is your very self, I will adorn with many fair adornments, with self-mastery and justice and reverence and mildness, with consideration and understanding and fortitude, with love of what is beautiful, and yearning for what is great; these things it is that are the true and pure ornaments of the soul. Naught shall escape you either of ancient wisdom or of present avail; nay, the future too, with me to aid, you shall foresee; in a word, I will instill into you, and that in no long time, all knowledge human and divine.” –The Allegorical figure of Education, in Lucian ofSamosata’s Dream, or Vision

Quid Dicunt Discipuli Nostri de Studiis Classicis apud VWU?

CLAS 105 Classical Mythology (Fall 2015)

  • “Fun, great learning experience and would like to take another course with this teacher.”
  • “Engaging, explorative, and informative.”
  • “Fun, interesting, and amusing.”
  • “Interesting - Interactive – Creative.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course and all of the papers and assignments we have to do. This course is great for anyone who is interested in Greek and Roman gods.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course. It is a lot of reading but he explains everything in detail and allowed us to become Greek writers ourselves. I would recommend this course.”
  • “I highly recommend this course to all people that are interested in Greek Mythology.”
  • “A lot of fun creative writing projects. He is very passionate about Classical Mythology. If you do the work you will be fine.”

LATN 213 Intermediate Latin (Fall 2015)

  • “Fast pace, very in depth.”
  • “Educational, informative, and fun.”
  • “Fun laid back not as bad as it sounds.”
  • “Intense, enjoyable, worth it.”
  • “Educational, informative, and fun.”
  • “Moderate work and great professor.”

CLAS 370 Ancient World in the Cinema (Fall 2015)

  • “Great! Love Dr. Haller! Awesome!”
  • “Fun Challenging Interesting.”
  • “The class requires a large amount of reading and time commitment outside of class to watch the films. That being said, the course always stays interesting. The tests were not difficult and the material easy to follow along with as long as the correct reading is done.”
  • “The class is demanding as any 300 level course would be. Professor Haller's love of the subject rubs off on to his students. It was always interesting and fresh.”

CLAS 210 Roman History (Spring 2015)

  • “Fun, educational, and great learning experience.”
  • “Hard, interesting, fun.”
  • “Very interesting. Always new challenges. Very diverse task.”
  • “This was a topic that I was looking forward to learning, it should be part of the required classes for history majors, and history and social science majors.”
  • “It helps to provide a foundation of understanding for a variety of history majors.”
  • “Hard work. Difficult information. Very thorough class.”
  • “Detailed; pertinent papers and projects; Course objectives well covered in classes.”
  • “Lots of work, Lots of history, Lots of fun.”
  • “This class was an absolute treat! Dr. Haller is wonderful, and he's always excited about the material. It's a very fun class!”
  • “Professor had such an enthusiasm for the material that he was teaching, that I was excited to come to class and hear him lecture.”
  • “The professor could relate roman history with history and situations that go on today, which really made the class enjoyable.”
  • “The projects and skits were assignments that I really enjoyed taking part of and watching.”

CLAS 330 From Page to Stage: Performing Ancient Epic (Spring 2015)

  • “Thought about dropping the class but stuck with it and am glad I did. Dr. Haller is upbeat and made a subject I thought was boring into something interesting.”
  • “Dr. Haller is knowledgeable on the time period a new way at looking at old works interesting plays, operas, readings.”
  • “Very interesting. Busy. Helpful.”

LATN 112 Elementary Latin II (Spring 2015)

  • “Take it!”
  • “The language itself is kind of tough, but the professor makes the class fun.”
  • “This course is a great way to learn Latin, he is very helpful and always makes sure you understand.”
  • “Love the professor.”
  • “It is a good language to take if needing language requirement.”
  • “If you put in the time for this class, you will find learning Latin to be very fun.”
  • “It’s a good fun course.”
  • “This class is a lot of grammar. In the end, learning the language is worth it. The homework cannot be done in 30 minutes before class starts.”
  • “Come to class eager to learn, pay attention, and participate and you'll love the class”
  • “Dr. Haller is very accommodating and a fantastic professor.”
  • “Attention grabbing, fun, challenging.”
  • “Fun, interesting, worth it.”
  • “Great, helpful, extremely useful.”
  • “Moderately challenging, well taught, loved the professor.”
  • “Good, Educational, Insightful.”
  • “This class was Interactive, Engaging, and very Interesting.”
  • “Fun, motivating, and educational.”
  • “A lot of grammar Translations take forever Work is not difficult if attention is paid in class.”
  • “Learned a lot, fun, intuitive.”


  • “Brush up on your writing skills even if you have taken ENG 105 before this - you'll need it!”
  • Roman History was “Fun but hard.” 
  • “You learn a lot and it’s fun because the stories are crazy and told by a good storyteller.” (Myth)
  • “Take the course because the class is entertaining and the writing material is exciting.”
  • “Prepare to be amazed, because there is very little that is not somehow connected to and/or influenced by Greek culture in the Western world, as well as other parts.”  (Myth)
  • “The instructor clearly loves his subject and you can see it in everything he does. He knows it inside and out, so whether you're taking it because you too are genuinely interested or (like me) to fill an empty space in your schedule, you'll still probably have an enjoyable experience either way.” (Myth)
  • “This is a great class that provides detailed information about the Roman Empire. The film clips he shows serve as really helpful reminders for the material. He is always ready and willing to answer any questions that his students have, and he really does try to make it an interactive class.” (Roman History)
  • “I would tell them there’s a lot of work but an enjoyable class.” (Greek History)
  • “If you need a history, take it. Other than that I am not really good at history but this is a decent class.” (Greek History)
  • “This is a great class for you if you are interested in Ancient history and/or sick of the same US and World history you've learned for your whole life. It's also very interesting.”  (Greek History)
  • “A great, fun way to learn basic Latin, and a great way to improve vocabulary and analytical thinking skills.” (Intro Latin)
  • “A lot of work but very fun.” (Intro Latin)
  • “With an excellent professor, consistent studying and class attendance, and asking for help when you don't understand a topic you will succeed. Latin is not as scary or difficult as many people think (depending on how hard you and your professor make it).” (Intermediate Latin)