Course Descriptions

GEOG 111 Physical Geography (4)

A study of the physical earth with an emphasis on the processes of planetary composition, planetary motion, the atmosphere, water, plate tectonics, glaciers, landforms, and other major topics. Environmental issues provide applications to current events and conditions. Basic location identification serves as a foundation for atlas and general thematic map usage. Offered each semester.

GEOG 112 Cultural Geography (4) (S)

The study of how geography affects culture and how culture affects geography. This course is regional in its approach and explores the reciprocal relationship of the earth and its inhabitants and how they affect each other. Urban, cultural, medical, historical, and economic themes provide the focus for regional applications. Basic map skills and location identification serve as a foundation for atlas and general thematic map usage. Offered each spring and summer.

GEOG 113 Human Geography (4) (S)

Provides a synthesis of physical and cultural geographic concepts by developing an understanding of the relationship of the physical world to the cultural through three units: The Physical World, Cultural and Physical Interaction, and Applied Cultural and Physical Processes. Explores the use of maps and other geographic representations, the study of physical processes, the characteristics and distribution of ecosystems, the relationship between human activity and the physical environment, the examination of cultural patterns and networks, and the impact of political forces on physical resources. Offered each spring or summer.