Sociology and Criminal Justice


The primary purpose of the sociology program is to provide concrete occasions and intellectual resources that can help students understand the social and cultural dimensions of human behavior. By focusing on the concepts, theories and techniques of inquiry employed by sociologists, we hope to foster the sociological perspective. The department provides a great number of support courses which are designed to serve other major programs, and every course offered is intended to serve the general goals of liberal arts education.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a wide-ranging field that is primarily concerned with understanding the origins, nature and consequences of criminal behavior and of societal reactions to crime. As a profession it focuses on careers directly related to social institutions of law, law enforcement, and the legal system. Students will find that the criminal justice program offers a core of basic and allied courses which will provide a practical liberal arts perspective of this growing field.

Major(s): Sociology, Criminal Justice
Minor(s): Sociology, Criminal Justice