Academic Regulations Master’s Programs

Full-Time Status

Full-time, degree-seeking, graduate students are defined as those taking nine (9) credit hours per semester. Prerequisite courses may be counted in the total for the calculation of full-time status. Students taking fewer than nine credit hours per semester are defined as part-time students.

Transfer Credits

While graduate students may transfer up to 12 credits, the remaining academic coursework must be completed through VWU. Acceptance of transfer graduate credits will be approved by the individual graduate degree programs and recorded on the student's transcript.

Graduation Requirements

Programs must impose on students the following minimum standards for graduation:

  1. Students must complete all requirements and coursework stipulated by the program prior to the deadlines specified for graduation, hold no grades of Incomplete, and be in good standing with the College.
  2. Students must have a cumulative GPA in program courses of at least 3.0.
  3. Students must complete program within 5 years from initial enrollment.
  4. Degree candidates must apply for graduation in the final semester of coursework. The candidate's application for graduation must be approved by the graduate program and the Registrar.