Photo Gallery: Marlin Nation Orientation 2019

President's Senior Seminar

PORTfolio recognizes a fundamental connection between a liberal arts education and the world of work. The PORTfolio Program provides opportunities for service learning, externships, internships, and Study Abroad to expand the experiences of the PORTfolio students during their college years. The opportunities available to students are based on the premise that academic knowledge, combined with know-how, with the experience of using such knowledge in the real-world, best prepares a student to succeed intellectually and practically in life beyond college. These opportunities allow students to explore career interests and develop practical skills that will ease their entry into careers and professions, or graduate school programs that they will pursue in the future.

Beginning the freshman year, PORTfolio students blend the theoretical with the practical through service learning projects that place students in the community to explore an issue of their choice. In the sophomore year, externships place students with professionals working in careers related to their interests. An in-depth (semester long) opportunity to develop skills learned in the classroom by applying them to real-world situations comes during the junior or senior year in an internship experience.