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Service Learning

Service Learning is a form of experiential education that engages students in community service as an integral part of an academic project or course and that helps them relate their service experience to project or course content.

During the Freshman year, PORTfolio Program students have the opportunity to enroll in a one credit, January Term, service learning course. As a part of this course, students will be offered a choice of which service learning project they wish to be involved in during the January Term.

Upperclass PORTfolio students interested in strengthening their abilities to become active learners as well as responsible citizens may develop a PORTfolio Service-Learning Project for academic credit. Students who meet the specific requirements of guided study or independent research may enroll for three semester hours in a given semester.

Student Responsibilities

As a participant in the PORTfolio Service Learning Project, the student will:

  • Prepare a Service Learning Project proposal with the Director of Community Service and their PORTfolio advisor which defines their learning objectives for the project and the means of accomplishing these objectives;
  • Perform service learning responsibilities in a professional manner;
  • Maintain a daily journal that documents their service-learning experiences;
  • Fulfill the terms of the proposal; and
  • Submit a self-evaluation about the service-learning experience which integrates academic and career interests.