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Top 10 reasons that make the PORTfolio Program different!

  1. PORTfolio is open to ALL students and ANY major at VWU.
  2. The entire program replaces a minor in terms of credit hours - it takes only 19 credit hours to complete over your four years at VWU.
  3. The classes and seminars are team-taught - so you get the benefit of two faculty members for the same course!
  4. Community Service is incorporated into our curriculum during the semester with service learning opportunities and also in a special Winter Session course. (In past years, we have been to Pascagoula, MS to clean up after hurricane Katrina, staffed a homeless shelter, tutored at a Title I elementary school and helped with the ecology of Chesapeake Bay).
  5. Experiential Learning or active learning - means that you learn by doing. Dr. Hultgren, the PORTfolio Program director, always says that you learn more when you do more. Every PORTfolio course will include hands-on learning opportunities to help expand your learning potential.
  6. Field Trips - every course includes field trips that apply to what you are learning during that semester. Taking a large group of almost 50 students and faculty anywhere is always a challenge - but we will have great adventures.
  7. Externships - a three-week Winter Session course where you will shadow a professional in the field of your choice. This is a great place to test drive a potential career during your sophomore year at college.
  8. Internships - a full semester long experience in your junior or senior year in your major field of study. If your major program at VWU does not provide an internship within the curriculum, then PORTfolio will facilitate an internship designed to meet your needs and interests.
  9. Capstone Experience - In The President's Senior Seminar you will meet with the University President each week during spring semester of your senior year to discuss world events and plans after graduation.
  10. The Electronic PORTfolio - a web site designed by you and for you! We begin the electronic portfolio during the freshman year to become a place to organize and store your work over the next four years. You will learn web design skills and modify and add to your portfolio throughout your journey through the program. Eventually this will become a 3-D collection of your experiences, coursework, and photos that you will use to market yourself to prospective graduate schools or potential employers.