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VCCS Transfer Guide

Effective Fall 2011

Virginia Wesleyan University welcomes applications from qualified students interested in transferring from one of Virginia's Community Colleges. Virginia Wesleyan is a four-year, private, liberal arts university providing students with a quality educational experience in a small setting.

This publication only serves as a guide to the community college students within Virginia and in no way constitutes a formal offer of admission. As courses change from time to time, it is the student's responsibility to inquire as to the transferability of courses listed and not listed in this guide. While we have made every effort to ensure that this guide is complete and accurate, errors can and do occur. Incorrect additions and/or deletions will not take the place of actual course requirements.

Transfer of credit guidelines

  • Official transcripts must be sent directly to Virginia Wesleyan University from all colleges previously attended.
  • A formal transfer credit evaluation is completed as part of the admissions process and is completed only by the Office of the Registrar.
  • No transfer credit is awarded for developmental, vocational or internship courses or courses with grades below C (2.00)
  • Transfer grades are not included in the Virginia Wesleyan University grade point average.
  • Veterans may receive transfer credit from military training if they submit a military transcript or a certified copy of a Report of Separation (DD214)

For further information about the academic policies, transfer of credit, and major requirements at the University, please consult the VWU Catalog published each year by the Office of the Registrar and Dean of the University. In addition, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor during your application process in order to become more familiar with Virginia Wesleyan University and the admissions process.

Graduation requirements

Please refer to the Virginia Wesleyan University Catalog for a complete listing of our graduation requirements. The following is a list of courses you may want to include in your studies at the community college in order to meet as many of our General Studies requirements as possible.

Checklist for General Studies requirements

You may use the following list to keep a record of your progress in fulfilling the General Studies requirements of Virginia Wesleyan University. The equivalent courses at Virginia Wesleyan are listed in parenthesis. Courses that will fulfill General Studies requirements are subject to change, so it is a good idea to also seek counseling through the Office of Admissions as you select courses each semester.


___ ENG 111 (105)
___ ENG 112 (Textual Analysis "T")

Quantitative "Q"
___ MTH 158 (MATH 104) or
___ MTH 163 (MATH 104)

Frames of Reference

One course from the following areas must be completed:

  • Aesthetic Understanding and Activity "A"
  • Ethical Values, World Views and Faith Perspectives "V"
  • Historical Perspectives "H"
  • Laboratory science--4 sem. hrs. "L"
  • Institutional and Cultural Systems "S"

A list of courses that fulfills these requirements can be found in the Virginia Wesleyan University Catalog.

Foreign Language requirements

As a condition of graduation, all students must demonstrate proficiency in French, German, Latin, or Spanish either by successfully completing course work through the 213 course.* This usually means the successful completion of 3 semesters of a foreign language. Transfer students with fewer than 64 semester hours and who have not met the placement exemption standards of the University must complete the full language proficiency requirement of the University (completion of the 213-level course). Students with 64 or more transferable college credits prior to enrolling at the University are required to complete two semesters of these foreign languages (courses numbered 111 and 112 within their respectively chosen language).

*Evening & Weekend Program (EWP) students should refer to "Degree Requirements" in the "Evening & Weekend Program" section of the VWU Catalog.