Student Research Projects

2016-2017 Projects


Freshwater turtle use of vomeronasal system while foraging
Student(s): Coleman, Sherie, '17

Growth Rate of Limb Regeneration in Echinaster spinulosus Under Varying Temperatures
Student(s): Breanna Dunn, '17

Quantification and Characterization of Arabinogalactan Proteins (AGPs) in Marchantia polymorpha
Student(s): Justin Bloom, '17

Settlement and Recruitment of Fouling Organisms on Hard Substratum in Indian Creek
Student(s): Catherine Clegg, '17

The release of zooxanthellae in Aiptasia pallia due to environmental stress
Student(s): Lisa Nguyen, '17

Transformation of Physcomitrella patens with three DNA constructs, to assess the function of a Fasciclin-like Arabinogalactan Protein
Student(s): Lemar Callaway III, '18


Crude Extraction of Potential Antimicrobial Compounds Found within Gracilaria vermiculophylla
Student(s): Antionette Edler, '17

Efficiency of supercritical fluid extraction of essential oils from celery and dill seed at varying temperatures and pressures.
Student(s): Tone' Boykins, '17

Finding Antimicrobial Properties of the Yellow Boring Sponge through Crude Extractions
Student(s): Tamera Edler, '17

Computer Science

An online information system for fitness administration: FitGuideDU.
Student(s): Kevin Hu, '16

The Financier: Computer Science
Student(s): Paulmichael Youngmills, '17

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Delineating Small Drainage Basins Within Piedmont Geological Formations Using ArcGIS
Student(s): Allegra Hawkingberry, '17
Grace Lamay, '17

EDS Microanalysis of sediment samples derived from the Lower Chlorite-Muscovite Unit of the Evington Group, Fluvanna County, Virginia
Student(s): Ericka Hayes, '17


Colonial Mimicry and The Loss of Religions Identity in A Passage to India
Student(s): Rebecca Lazzeri, '17

Terrorism Established - The Perception of Evil and Terrorism in Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Student(s): Karyn Alberstadt, '17

You Are What You Eat: A DeBordian Analysis of Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho
Student(s): Justin FitzGerald, '17

"If you told me a Story like This, I Probably Wouldn't believe it either": The Dismissal of Slavery in Octavia Butler's Kindred
Student(s): Shauntell Whitehurst-Joyner, '17

"The World Was Silent When We Died:" The Subaltern Speaks in Half of a Yellow Sun
Student(s): Emily Joy, '17


Away with the Hansa: How the Hanseatic League Was Forced Out of England and Why
Student(s): Elizabeth Kayser, '17

Marie Antoinette
Student(s): Taylor Hannon, '17

The Parthenon Marbles: A Test Case for Illicit Trafficking Of Cultural Property in Museums
Student(s): Stephanie Deach, '17


Beauty Within: Makeup's Relationship with Self-Esteem
Student(s): Emily Powers, '17

Covert and Overt attention and their Relationship to Memory
Student(s): Conne George, '17

Expectations of Womens Bodies
Student(s): Brianna Carter, '17

Gun Safety or Gun Control: The Relationships among Attitudes towards Weapons, Aggressive Tendencies, and Students' Self-esteem
Student(s): Anastasia Hernandez, '17

Marvel and Disney: The Media's Relationship with Body-Esteem
Student(s): Alexander Jahn, '17

The Effects of Objectifying Music Lyrics on College Women
Student(s): Bobbie Graham, '17

The Effects of Peer Pressure and Academic Workload on Alcohol Consumption
Student(s): Christina Bouie, '17

The interaction between personality differences and color perception
Student(s): Nicolette Burns, '17

The Interaction Between Stress, Exercise Duration, and the Reasons for Exercising
Student(s): William Virgili, '17

The Relation of Parenting Style and Individual Well-Being As Mediated by Political Beliefs
Student(s): Timothy Webster, '17

The relationship between stress and weight gain for college students.
Student(s): Samantha Nason, '17

Touch for Tips: The Relationship between Touching and Tipping in the Service Industry
Student(s): Christina Raab, '17

You Can and You Did: Encouragement and Feedback in Relation to Performance
Student(s): Jessica Pittman, '18

Social Work

Domestic Violence: The Long-Term Effect on Witnesses
Student(s): Brittany Keller, '18


Building the World: Intersections of 18th Century Class and Gender in S/he Stoops to Conquer
Student(s): Adrian Benn, '17

Reasons to be Pretty
Student(s): Ashley Shipman, '17