Student Research Projects

Methods of Logic

Student Mark Jones, Gabrielle Alexander
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Philosophy


For this project we have been be working with Dr. Cathal Woods to edit a text book he has developed for his Methods of Logic course, Philosophy 209. We are working through the text from the view points of students studying the material to consider the arguments within the text and offer analysis of them. We are develop questions for the text that fit with the reading and find examples from society and world around us to bring in as examples of arguments. All aspects of the book would be subject to scrutiny by Dr. Woods and the two of us; we would work on the text with a focus on clarity, pacing, and comprehensiveness so as to ensure it is appropriate for students at Wesleyan. The benefit to us is that logic is a key to almost any college class. We will gain a greater appreciation for the work that goes into such a task, as well as learn a few things about the subject matter itself in the process.


2008 VWC Summer Research Award