Student Research Projects

The Combinatorics of Waterfront Partitions

Student David Weirich
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Mathematics
Course MATH 489: Research in Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Combinatorics is the field of mathematics which deals with the various ways to count different objects intelligently. A composition is one such object and is defined as a way to write a positive integer as a sum of other positive integers where the order matters. For example, the compositions of 3 are 3, 2+1, 1+2, and 1+1+1. In this research project I study the properties of a new type of partition in which the number of terms as well as their maximum values are restricted. These restrictions were inspired by laws which impose maximum allowable heights upon certain building structures in the city of Halifax Nova Scotia.


MAA Spring MD/DC/VA Sectional Meeting in Fredericksburg