Student Research Projects

"Journey": Senior Vocal Recital

Student Luke Crownover
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Music
Course MUS 480: Senior Project


In studying the various genres of vocal music from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, I have found the development of the aria especially interesting. To show this development, I have chosen one aria from each of three periods - Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. The arias are "But Though Didst Not Leave His Soul In Hell" from George Friedrich Handel's Messiah, "Un'aura amorosa" from W.A. Mozart's Cosi fan tutte, and "Che gelida manina" from Giacomo Puccini's La bohéme I will discuss the development of the genre as well as the relationship between music and text in each aria. My presentation will also include excerpts from all three arias and a performance of on aria in its entirety.