Student Research Projects

Painting Flowers

Student Patricia Shockley
Faculty Mentor(s)
Department Art


The theme for my eight paintings comes from a personal part of my life, my garden. I love to paint flowers and I chose to paint the flowers from my garden because they are not only planted by me but also by my daughter. Flowers are a representation of life and growth, and I want to capture their beauty through my eyes, by painting them. Painting flowers fills me with warmth of emotion that spring will soon be here. The world will be filled with new birth and colors as the warm weather moves in. I have chosen to use my favorite flowers that live in my garden: tulips, sunflowers, coneflowers, strawberry blossoms, daffodils, roses and irises. The paintings are acrylic on hard board and are 24’ x 36’. I have used a thick layer of paint to show texture and a wide variety of colors to give the flowers life against a dark background. I want to have the flowers the center of attention to my viewers so I chose to crop and do very close up paintings. The sunflower is an explosion of petals and bright colors, as the rose is a more delicate creature with emphasis on the shape of the petals and softness of its nature. My garden is a place of peace, life and family, so I wanted to capture this great moment to share with others. I love painting flowers for the peace is brings to me especially in the winter months